JAVA, AngularJS
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Next Generation Testing Tools

AngularJS, SockJS, SpringBoot, MyBatis, MySQL


Quick start

Use Docker

  1. Install docker and docker-compose;
  2. Download file from ;
  3. In same dir, enter "docker-compose up" to launch.

First time, you may get an error caused by MySQL service not ready for web server connectting, just run Step 3 again to fix.

Once you create and start containers by using "docker-compose up" command, next time you should use "docker-compose start|stop" to avoid to docker-compose re-creating the container after the remote image changed, which will cause data-losing.

  1. Open http://localhost:58080/test.html using Chrome.

Use Java Jar

  1. Create dir "/work/ngtesting-data/" for file upload;
  2. Create a MySQL database named "ngtesting-web";
  3. Add MySQL user "ngtesting" with password "P2ssw0rd";
  4. Run "git clone";
  5. Import "src/main/docker/mysql/schema.sql" to database;
  6. In project dir, enter command "xdoc/ngtesting-web-1.*.jar" to run;

You may change the config params in application.yml file like this: "xdoc/ngtesting-web-1.*.jar --config.mysql.port=3306".

  1. Open http://localhost:8080/test.html using Chrome.