Appium [已解决] xcode8 升级到 xcode9 后,编译 appium-gui 版的 wda 时出错

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出错原因:'new' is unavailable: Use XCUIElementQuery to create XCUIElement instances.

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For all of you who can't build WebDriverAgent in Xcode 9 it's because the WebDriverAgent project isn't updated in Appium 1.21. To fix it simply clone the repo from this link and replace it with downloaded WebDriverAgent with Appium.
Also run ./Scripts/ in this directory.

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thank you

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我把最新的 WebDriverAgent 替代了我原有的 WebDriverAgent,重新整了下,可以获取真机的页面元素了,谢谢哈

我的 mac 系统 10.13.1 xcode 9.0.1 下载最新的 wda 提示: 'RoutingHTTPServer/RoutingConnection.h' file not found

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